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Enough talk… It’s time for action!

It’s time to make like manufacturers and actually change things through actions. By Carrie Schroeder Surveys, meetings, round tables, working groups, consultations, and more meetings. Talk, talk, talk… Where has all of this gotten us? I’ll tell you where. We have greater understanding; we’ve set the stage; and we’re ready to take the Women in Manufacturing initiative to the next level. We have identified important actions around sharing stories to highlight female role models. We have provided employers with tools to help build an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. And we continue to raise awareness of the untapped potential that exists to build our future workforce by attracting and engaging females in Canadian manufacturing. To validate if the initiative is moving in the right direction (I know…more talk), I asked a few people from various backgrounds and experiences to weigh in on what they see as some tangible next-step actions. ALISON KIRKLAND (AK) is Director, Communications and Client Services for the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba CAMERON HAY, CPA, CMA (CH) is Chief Executive Officer… Read More