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Four years already?

It might be our birthday, but we’re celebrating you! By Jeff Baker We humans sure are funny animals. We read significance into a lot of situations and circumstances that just happen, whether or not we do anything at all: birthdays, anniversaries, Fridays, sunrises and sunsets, the Oscars… et cetera For most of these things, it’s basically a celebration of another trip by our ball of space rock around a giant gaseous fusion reactor. We’re beyond insignificant in this picture. But maybe the truly amazing thing is that we can make these things a big deal, and we can keep making them big deals year in and year out. In this case, I’m going to make a HUGE deal of one birthday in particular: Prairie Manufacturer’s! Yes, it’s true… this issue marks the fourth birthday of Prairie Manufacturer Magazine, and we couldn’t be happier to have you a part of this auspicious occasion.  Maybe it’s a birthday, maybe it’s technically an anniversary, but since I’m the editor and the chief wrangler of all the words… I’ll… Read More

Women in Manufacturing

Mind the gap By Carrie Schroeder Decades of research points to a gender wage gap in Canada – one that as a country, we’re sadly failing to close. On average, Canadian women earn 87 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. The reasons behind the gap are complex and rooted in social norms, gender roles, and career choices, but the fact that remains that the decision to have and raise children is part the issue. In short, we have a mother (and father) of a problem. At the same time, manufacturers continue to identify labour shortages as a key concern for their business performance heading into the first few quarters of 2020. A recent CME survey of more than 225 manufacturers across Canada delivered results that are less than surprising: 85 per cent of manufacturers struggle to fill vacancies. Labour and skills shortages are holding back manufacturing, and by extension, Canada’s economic prosperity.  It’s one thing to be experiencing a labour and skills shortage, but it’s another issue entirely if companies are not… Read More

Enough talk… It’s time for action!

It’s time to make like manufacturers and actually change things through actions. By Carrie Schroeder Surveys, meetings, round tables, working groups, consultations, and more meetings. Talk, talk, talk… Where has all of this gotten us? I’ll tell you where. We have greater understanding; we’ve set the stage; and we’re ready to take the Women in Manufacturing initiative to the next level. We have identified important actions around sharing stories to highlight female role models. We have provided employers with tools to help build an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. And we continue to raise awareness of the untapped potential that exists to build our future workforce by attracting and engaging females in Canadian manufacturing. To validate if the initiative is moving in the right direction (I know…more talk), I asked a few people from various backgrounds and experiences to weigh in on what they see as some tangible next-step actions. ALISON KIRKLAND (AK) is Director, Communications and Client Services for the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba CAMERON HAY, CPA, CMA (CH) is Chief Executive Officer… Read More