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Prairie Manufacturer Magazine is proudly created and produced on the Prairies. We work with top manufacturing organizations, thought leaders, and suppliers to deliver our readers timely information, innovative insight, and in-depth analysis on the issues that matter most.

Our goal is to inspire and build a stronger manufacturing community in Western Canada by serving as the premier source of educational content, and by connecting both suppliers and influencers directly to industry decision-makers.

Why Advertise

1. Speak directly to the decision-makers

Prairie Manufacturer Magazine is delivered direct to more than 10,000 chief executives, general managers, and other manufacturing influencers representing businesses with roughly a quarter-million employees. Walk into any plant across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta and you’re sure to find a copy!

2. The buying power of our readership

The companies receiving Prairie Manufacturer Magazine generate well in excess of
$100 billion in revenue each year — one of the primary drivers of economic growth, supply chain development, and social prosperity in Canada.

3. Get the most of both worlds

When you advertise with Prairie Manufacturer Magazine, you don’t need to decide between in-print and online. In addition to being mailed in hard copy, each edition is published on Issuu via an easy-read PDF, accessible through

4. We are connected in your community

We are a homegrown publication, written, produced, and printed right here on the Prairies. We know your audience, and we go the extra mile to connect them to your message through our distribution partners and by sponsoring major manufacturing events in the region throughout the year.

5. Be seen with the best

This isn’t your ordinary trade publication. Each issue of Prairie Manufacturer Magazine is packed with compelling content and timely information, including first-hand editorial from some of the industry’s most iconic leaders.


FALL 2021
Distribution mid-September
• It’s getting hot in here – When it seems like winter lasts half the year, you’ve got to stay warm somehow. Meet some homegrown manufacturers serving a distinctly ‘adult’ market.
• Size definitely doesn’t matter – Manufacturers come in all sizes, and it’s often the smaller manufacturers flying under the radar with some rather cool products!
Booking: August 6, 2021
Material due: August 13, 2021

Distribution mid-December
• Feeding the world from home – Prairie food manufacturers are known for their innovation and expertise. Meet some industry players helping to keep people healthy and well fed.
• Taking the leap – Manufacturing for the local market is one thing, but taking the leap into export? That can be a whole new ballgame. Manufacturers share their successes in and tips for tackling export markets.
Booking: November 12, 2021
Material due: November 19, 2021

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