Meet the new kids on the block


By Jill Knaggs. 

By every measure, CME Manitoba goes to great lengths to ensure Dare to Compete remains the ‘must-attend’ manufacturing event in Western Canada.

For Vice President Ron Koslowsky, that effort to push limits and do things differently than they’ve been done in the past is a point of pride.

“Not only do we want delegates to hear from leaders on the issues that are most important to them,” says Koslowsky, “our goal is for participants to come away with implementable ideas to better address challenges as they innovate, improve, and grow.”

But while specific topics often change, several overarching themes may not. Workforce development has become a staple focus for conference organizers — a natural fit, given CME Manitoba’s Discovery Program finals, widely considered one of the premier industry-education initiatives in the country, take place the same day.

“Bringing together young people with manufacturing leaders allows for a unique mentorship experience,” adds Koslowsky. “Enabling secondary students to experience the broader event with the added insight of a senior businessperson provokes an invigorated sense of engagement and enthusiasm on both sides of the equation.”

Delegate-driven format maximizes learning

We’ve all heard the cliché: There’s something for everyone. Only, at the Dare to Compete conference, there truly is — with sessions capturing the attention of operational personnel all the way to the C-suite.

“Helping manufacturers become more efficient, embrace technology, attract and retain the right talent, and grow their businesses are primary focuses of ours,” says Koslowsky. “The (Un)conference model empowers delegates to shape and maximize their own learning experience, resulting in a higher return on investment.

“Taking a day to develop knowledge and awareness of industry best practices can seem like a big investment of time and money. But year over year, Dare to Compete proves its worth and keeps on growing.”