2019, Volume 4, Issue 1 - Summer 2019

How can more Canadian manufacturing companies succeed?

Many manufacturing businesses have mastered the art of running “lean and mean”: achieving maximum efficiency on the production line is prioritized as key to business growth. But are we giving the same attention and priority to our workforce, the employees who are ultimately responsible for delivering this business growth?

We’ve all heard the mantra that employees are a company’s greatest asset, but how do you know this to be true? General statements carry little weight without measurable roadmaps to achieving them. Unlike production efficiency (where reduced costs + increased production = greater revenue) workforce optimization can be hard to measure, but not impossible.

What if you could learn from real-business examples of what can result when you put the right person in the right position and empower them to drive change? Or hear more about the employees who gave their companies a competitive edge and the business leaders who enabled them?

Enter Game Changers, a new series coming soon to Prairie Manufacturer, brought to you by Pinnacle. Each article in this series will tell the story of a person (or group of people) who sparked positive change within their manufacturing company. We’ll share the perspective of not just the employee, but also the business leader who recognized the employee’s potential and facilitated the change.

These stories will provide a jumping off point for broader conversations about reimagining the way you hire: about the risks of understaffing in the name of efficiency, about the costs of hiring the wrong person, about lost opportunities when you fail to invest in finding your game changers.

Look for Game Changers in the next edition of Prairie Manufacturer.

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