Canadian Innovation on the World Stage

By Robbie MacLeod

Hannover Messe is one of the world’s largest industrial trade shows, attracting thousands of companies and industry professionals from around the globe each year. For Canadian manufacturing companies, attending this event can be a game-changer, offering opportunities to showcase their innovations, network with international peers, and explore new markets. Fortunately, NGen is here to help.

NGen, the Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, is a not-for-profit organization that supports the growth and competitiveness of Canadian manufacturing companies through funding, resources, and networking opportunities. One of the ways that NGen helps Canadian companies to expand their horizons is by supporting their participation in events like Hannover Messe. 

This year, NGen’s activities at Hannover included benchmarking and learning about cutting edge technologies and applications world-wide, increasing the visibility of Canadian advanced manufacturing companies, and preparing to showcase our strengths in 2025 when Canada is the official country partner for Hannover Messe.

Hannover Messe kicked off with a renewed focus on sustainability, digitalization, and innovation. With NGen’s support, Canadian companies were able participate in the Canada Pavilion alongside partners from coast to coast to showcase their advanced manufacturing capabilities and connect with potential partners and customers from around the world.

The Canadian delegation saw many more applied use cases for leading technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins. At the forefront was collaboration between robots and humans enabled by AI. Digital twins were also displayed as a valuable tool for design and collaboration, virtual commissioning and training providing rapid start-up and shorter switch-over times, real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, and virtual scenario analysis. Digital twins are connecting with other technologies to build exciting use cases, such as VR and AR for virtual troubleshooting and operation.

While the application of these technologies are changing the manufacturing landscape, industrial decarbonization and battery technologies remain a key focus on the main stage at Hannover Messe. Alternative storage solutions like hydrogen and battery technologies were well represented in 2023 with a full exhibit hall focused on hydrogen and clean fuel technologies on display. The latest in industrial electrification and battery tech were also prominent. Regenerative designs were also present, such as self-powering devices using thermal gradients or kinetic energy, minimizing or eliminating the need for energy storage in some cases. Real-time carbon tracking and reporting were also gaining traction and and contributing to transparency across manufacturing supply chains. 

NGen offers a range of services to Canadian companies attending Hannover Messe, including networking opportunities, matchmaking services, and funding support. Through these services, NGen helps Canadian companies to make the most of their participation in the event, maximizing their exposure to potential partners and customers.

One of the key benefits of attending Hannover Messe is the opportunity to showcase Canadian manufacturing innovation on an international stage. With hundreds of thousands of visitors and exhibitors from around the world, Hannover Messe is the perfect platform for Canadian companies to highlight their cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

By attending Hannover Messe, Canadian companies can also explore new markets and connect with potential partners and customers from around the world. The event attracts industry professionals from a wide range of sectors. Canadian companies can connect with customers who are interested in their products and services, helping them to expand their reach and grow their business.

In addition to networking opportunities and matchmaking services, NGen also offers funding support to Canadian companies attending Hannover Messe. This funding can be used to cover the costs of attending the events such as travel, accommodation, and booth rental fees.

NGen Canada’s support for Canadian companies at Hannover Messe also has broader benefits for the Canadian manufacturing industry as a whole. By showcasing Canadian innovation and expertise on the global stage, Canadian companies can help to raise the profile of Canada’s manufacturing sector and attract new investment and talent to the industry.

Support for Canadian companies at Hannover Messe is just one example of NGen’s broader efforts to support advanced manufacturing in Canada. Through its various programs and ecosystem building initiatives, NGen is helping to drive innovation, competitiveness, and growth in the Canadian manufacturing sector. 

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Robbie MacLeod is Director of Strategic Communications with NGen.